Creative – Factors Influencing an Individual to Be A Creative Observer

There are many novel creations in the world created by the creative people. Creative people can create a new ideas and concepts for a problem which is rational and practical in nature. Each and every creative people have the deep understanding of the nature of the life and the world. Creative thinking requires different ways of observing. Creative people understand the values of different things in a different situation. There is a direct relationship in the way an individual thinks and an emotional state of an individual. An individual perceives the same thing in different manner relating the surroundings with their subject of interest to create some new ideas. The generation of an innovative idea depends upon the level of interest in a particular subject in an individual. I have explained the process of an individual changing into a creative individual.The process of the development of a creative observation skill in an individual is as follows:1. The first step in an individual behind the development of skill of creative observation is an occurrence of an emotional event. An emotional impact can change the person’s way of thinking. For an example, creative people are found being deeply influenced by some individual which makes them want to do something different.2. The second step in an individual in the development of the creative observation skill is an exploration of their subject of interest. An individual begins to explore for their subject of interest which is eventually found by an individual. This helps them in learning things in faster pace because of their curiosity.3. The third step in the development of the creative observation skill is the change in the way they perceive. They are so much interested in the subject matter that they begin to perceive the nature relating it to their subject of interest.4. The final step in the development of creative observation skill is the change in the way they observe the surroundings. They are interested in finding new problems and solutions related to their subject of interest so they have the tendency to observe the nature searching for the problem and finding out the solution of the problem which helps them to generate new ideas.These are the steps which are involved in the development of the creative observation skill in an individual. The level of creativity depends upon the level of interest of an individual in a particular subject matter.When you are deeply influenced by some creative people, it can help you to be a creative thinker because you want to be like them. This will make you a creative observer.

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